Erosion Control Services

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Soil Guard

Flex Guard is a Fiber Reinforced Matrix (FRM) hydromulch engineered with pasteurized wood fibers, dispersible synthetic fibers and exclusive soil-bonding agents for immediate and effective erosion protection on challenging terrain even during hard rains. This product can be used for any slopes including 1:1. 

Hydraulically applied, Soil Guard® conforms to the contours of the ground and dries to form a Bonded Fiber Matrix. Once dry, the matrix can be hydrated repeatedly and will hold soil and seed without washing away. As vegetation takes hold, Soil Guard slowly decomposes to enrich the soil.

Flex Guard


Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development and construction. Effective erosion controls are important techniques in preventing water pollution and soil loss.

Our Services Include:

Silt fence installation

Hay mulching

Terrain reinforcement mats (TRM)

Erosion control blankets

Hydraulic straw application

Fiber reinforced matrix (FRM)

Bonded fiber matrix (BFM)

Stenlog placement